Depositary Bank Forum



The Depositary Bank Forum (DBF) is a platform composed of ABBL and ALFI members who specialise in custody and/or depositary activities.

The Forum is a joint sub-organisation of the ABBL and ALFI with the specific purpose of:

  • grouping together members of the ABBL and ALFI who are active in custody and/or depositary activities;
  • representing, within the ABBL and ALFI, the specific interests of this category of members and defining, as part of the general policy pursued by the associations, the initiatives and actions to be taken for the promotion, development and defence of the specific activities of operators in the areas concerned;
  • enhancing the qualifications and professionalism of members active in custody and/or depositary activities by promoting standards, practices, ethical and deontological norms and developing appropriate training;
  • developing and promoting the specific Interest of this category of members vis-à-vis regulatory developments at national or international level.

The DBF was created in 2009 notably to prepare the changes that the industry has to face with the development and then the introduction of the AIFMD. Today both the AIFMD and the upcoming UCITS V will introduce a paradigm shift in the perception of the role, tasks, duties and responsibilities of depositaries, transforming the latter’s’ role from a supporting activity to a central activity at the forefront of services offered by institutions. Both regulations, AIFMD and UCITS, require that where there is a fund there needs to be a depositary; the latter has to be a bank in Luxembourg.

The DBF is today part of wider club at EU level, as it has set up links with other associations or relevant EU bodies, either via a direct participation or an indirect one. These contacts include the European Banking Federation (EBF), the European Fund Manager Association (EFAMA), and the European Trustee and Depositary Forum (ETDF).


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