ABBL CSR Policies

Corporate Governance

The ABBL is an association that serves its members. It responds to their expectations and involves them in its activities.

In 2014, the ABBL adopted a new governance to ensure better representation of its members on its board. In addition to the CEOs of the six largest banks, the board is now composed of representatives from banks based on the geographical groupings determined by and made up of these banks themselves, and representatives from business lines or clusters to take into account the existence of different banking business lines (private banking, commercial banking, retail banking, depositary banking) and banking-related business lines (trade, post-trade, auditors and consultants, lawyers).

Social pillar

When dealing with its employees, the ABBL strives to behave in a responsible manner: a new form has been adopted for annual assessments to allow the capture of employee expectations with regard to their managers. An evaluation has been undertaken by the CEO to understand what employees expect from him. The executive management aims to be open and available.

To ensure the well-being of its employees, the ABBL endeavours to offer a balance between work and private life thanks to a flexitime policy, part-time work à la carte, working time accounts and the use of distance technologies.
In terms of health, ABBL is a member of ASTF and provides, in cooperation with the latter, the annual influenza vaccination, medical examinations and regular check-ups. Information sessions are organised on workplace ergonomics and health for those aged over 45.

The ABBL ensures safety in the workplace. Specific individuals are responsible for safety (designated worker) and evacuation in the event of fire. Numerous employees hold certificates in first-aid training and defibrillator use.
Information sessions on building and car park safety as well as evacuation exercises are organised annually.
The ABBL guarantees equal opportunities and promotes the employment of both older and younger people as well as diversity (eight nationalities are represented among ABBL employees).

It partners with high schools to receive student trainees as part of work experience placements.

The ABBL strives to provide training courses tailored to its employees, as well as individual coaching sessions as required.

Environment pillar

The ABBL has signed a SuperDrecksKëcht® agreement in order to better manage its waste and provides training to its employees in this respect.

Use of bio cleaning products, local brands (drinks), fair-trade products, returnable/reusable packaging, rechargeable batteries for electronic equipment, environmentally friendly paper (paper from farmed trees and FSC).


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