IBAN and BIC codes

IBAN and BIC codes for cross-border payments

In order to improve the performance of cross-border payment systems, a number of measures have been taken: a uniform account number structure called IBAN has been introduced, together with a harmonized code identifying the bank at which the account is held, known as the BIC code.

The structure of the IBAN number (International Bank Account Number) is as follows:

« IBAN » + country code (2 letters) + check characters (2 digits) + national number (fixed length for each country). Only the bank which holds the account is authorised to generate the IBAN account number.

IBAN is based on the addition of information to the existing standard national formats. This enhances the accuracy of a bank account number to be checked, regardless of the country of origin. Uniform information is also available to facilitate automatic processing (country code, bank code, account number, check number or check digit).

For accounts held with Luxembourg banks an IBAN number takes the following form: IBAN LU97 8881 2345 6789 0123.

Characteristics of the Luxembourg format

– Fixed length of 20 alphanumerical characters according to standard EBS 204 (upper case characters from A to Z and 0 to 9)
– Structure and characteristics of the data :

  • Positions 1 and 2 : Country code: alphabetical code complying with standard ISO 3166 (i.e. “LU”)
  • Positions 3 and 4 : Check-digit: numerical zone in compliance with standard ISO 7064
  • Positions 5 to 20 : BBAN (Basic Bank Account Number) of which :
    • Positions 5 to 7 : bank code assigned by the ABBL in agreement with Luxembourg  supervisors.
    • Positions 8 to 20 : Identification number freely available to each bank (13 alphanumerical characters in compliance with standard EBS204; upper case characters from A to Z and 0 to 9)

The BIC code, also referred to as the SWIFT code, is an identification code for the bank with 8 or 11 positions.

Since 1 January 2002, Luxembourg banks have been supplying IBAN and BIC numbers to their customers upon request.

The IBAN LUX codes and BIC codes may be downloaded below.

If you as a beneficiary are likely to receive cross-border payments, we advise you to notify your bank’s IBAN number and BIC code to your correspondents.

If you give instructions for a cross-border payment to be made, you are advised:

  • to ask the beneficiary to supply you with the IBAN and BIC numbers for the account to be credited;
  • to state these IBAN and BIC numbers on the transfer order addressed to your bank.


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