The ABBL's Ethics Charter

The ABBL’s Ethics Charter

As part of the ABBL on-going commitment on social responsibility, and following the renewal of the ESR label in April 2015, the Board of Directors of the ABBL adopted an Ethics Charter, which formalise its commitments.

The aim of this Charter is to communicate on the corporate values of the ABBL as well as to encourage its members to work in the same direction.

The Charter highlights the ABBL values, its commitments and some of its main actions with respect to the following fields of action:

  • Commitment for a responsible banking sector,
  • Commitment to Society,
  • Respect for the individual,
  • Environmental friendliness.

Commitment to a responsible banking sector

  • Values
  • Commitments
    • The ABBL commits to a responsible banking and financial sector, acting in compliance with the law and the highest international standards
    • The ABBL commits to being a pool of expertise and competencies to serve its members and Society
  • Actions
    • Setting-up of a new governance and new operating rules for its technical committees and working groups in order to best meet its members’ expectations
    • Setting-up of Forums to ensure optimal circulation of information to and between its members
    • Setting-up of a new website
    • Setting-up of guidelines for its members as well as a Code of conduct

Commitment to Society

  • Values
    • Financial literacy for all
    • Promotion of continuous education
    • Promotion of diversity
  • Commitments
    • The ABBL commits to act towards financial education making young generations to become responsible citizens
    • The ABBL commits to circulate job offers in the financial sector
    • The ABBL commits to promote continuous education
  • Actions
    • Organisation of the “Woch vun de Suen” aiming to raise awareness of children about sound money management
    • Setting-up of a new platform showing job offers in the financial sector
    • Signature and promotion of the Diversity Charter and the Agreement on moral harassment

Respect for the individual

  • Values
    • The individual
    • Confidence
    • Communication
  • Commitments
    • The ABBL commits to the well-being of its employees
    • The ABBL commits to support the access to equal opportunities, education and diversity
    • The ABBL commits to be responsive to its employees
    • The ABBL commits to internal communication aiming to favour mutual trust
  • Actions
    • Setting-up of new employee evaluation forms and evaluation of the CEO
    • Setting-up of training plans for the employees
    • Organisation of off-site events to favour employee cohesion

Environmental friendliness

  • Values
    • Protection of the environment
    • Respect of natural resources
    • Corporate (internal) policies
  • Commitments
    • The ABBL commits to make the association a corporate citizen
    • The ABBL commits to actively control its energy spending
    • The ABBL commits to actively control its paper consumption
  • Actions
    • Waste management and signature of the “Superdreckskëscht” Charter
    • Offering a “second life” to IT and telephone equipment by making it available to the staff in exchange of a modest contribution
    • Monitoring and management of energy spending
    • Promotion of the use of electronic material instead of paper

Addititional information

Discover our dedicated dossier on “Corporate Social Responsibility” (available in French and German).


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